Jimmy Romero (JONNY CRUZ) is an ex-thief turned adventure-loving ‘urban explorer’ who delves into abandoned buildings, storm drains, and forgotten tunnels for fun and challenge. He and his entrepreneurial partner Micki Thorne (HALLEE HIRSCH) have never met a “Keep Out” sign they could resist. Blackmailed by a ruthless tycoon named Sebastian Koenig (Emmy Award Nominee STEVE RAILSBACK), Jimmy and Micki find themselves guiding Koenig’s cool and beautiful operative, Gin Cross (NATHALIE KELLEY), through a shattered office tower mere hours before it is to be imploded. Hidden somewhere in the explosive-packed interior is a priceless relic spirited out of France on the eve of World War II.

But Jimmy discovers that others are searching for this prize as well. Members of a shadowy religious order led by Reverend Artemis Quaid (Emmy Award Nominee ROBERT PICARDO) seek to recover the relic while a smooth and psychopathic treasure hunter named Eric Volker (Tony Award Winner GREGORY JBARA) is determined to profit from its retrieval. Jimmy finds himself in a nine-story battle of wits and fists with Volker’s sophisticated crew of bandits… all while time relentlessly counts down to implosion.

INFILTRATORS is an action-packed thriller from the producers of EXIT SPEED. It was written and directed by Humanitas Award winner Michael Stokes whose film HAUNTING AT THE BEACON won the Best Feature Film Prize at the Paranoia Film Festival. Berlin-based composer Dirk Ehlert contributes the driving score.

INFILTRATORS was shot on location in an active demolition site and features the true-life implosion of an historical nine story office tower, adding a thrilling authenticity to this tale of two-fisted urban adventurers battling over a fabulous treasure.