Jimmy Romero (JONNY CRUZ) is an ex-thief turned adventure-loving ‘urban explorer’ who delves into abandoned buildings, storm drains, and forgotten tunnels for fun and challenge. He and his entrepreneurial partner Micki Thorne (HALLEE HIRSCH) have never met a “Keep Out” sign they could resist. Blackmailed by a ruthless tycoon named Sebastian Koenig (Emmy Award Nominee STEVE RAILSBACK), Jimmy and Micki find themselves guiding Koenig’s cool and beautiful operative, Gin Cross (NATHALIE KELLEY), through a shattered office tower mere hours before it is to be imploded. Hidden somewhere in the explosive-packed interior is a priceless relic spirited out of France on the eve of World War II.

But Jimmy discovers that others are searching for this prize as well. Members of a shadowy religious order led by Reverend Artemis Quaid (Emmy Award Nominee ROBERT PICARDO) seek to recover the relic while a smooth and psychopathic treasure hunter named Eric Volker (Tony Award Winner GREGORY JBARA) is determined to profit from its retrieval. Jimmy finds himself in a nine-story battle of wits and fists with Volker’s sophisticated crew of bandits… all while time relentlessly counts down to implosion.

INFILTRATORS is an action-packed thriller from the producers of EXIT SPEED. It was written and directed by Humanitas Award winner Michael Stokes whose film HAUNTING AT THE BEACON won the Best Feature Film Prize at the Paranoia Film Festival. Berlin-based composer Dirk Ehlert contributes the driving score.

INFILTRATORS was shot on location in an active demolition site and features the true-life implosion of an historical nine story office tower, adding a thrilling authenticity to this tale of two-fisted urban adventurers battling over a fabulous treasure.

Infiltrators Poster

Written and Directed by Michael Stokes, Infiltrators is about Jimmy Romero, an ex-thief turned adventure-loving ‘urban explorer’ who delves into abandoned buildings, storm drains, and forgotten tunnels for fun and challenge. Blackmailed by a ruthless tycoon, Jimmy finds himself leading a team into a shattered office tower mere hours before it is to be imploded. Hidden somewhere in the explosive-packed interior is an ancient religious relic spirited out of France during World War II and lost for the last seventy years. The tycoon wants Jimmy to recover it but there are others hunting for the relic as well. Jimmy finds himself in a nine story battle with a sophisticated crew of bandits – all while time counts inexorably down to implosion.

The cast includes Jonny Cruz, Nathalie Kelley, Hallee Hirsh, Robert Picardo, Gregory Jbara, Rocco Nugent, and Steve Railsback.

INFILTRATORS midwest premiere at the State Wayne Theatre (Sept 28, 2013)

State Wayne Screening

State Wayne TheaterChampions of Wayne proudly presents the premiere of Infiltrators. The movie, produced by WMHS alum Sally Helppie and starring WMHS alum Greg Jbara, will premiere Saturday, September 28, 2013, at the State-Wayne Theatre. All proceeds from the event will go to support Champions of Wayne.


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Greg Jbara
Greg Jbara, who grew up in Westland, plays Eric Volker in Infiltrators

Champions of Wayne will create a Hollywood vibe in downtown Wayne with the premiere of Infiltrators. Special guests include cast members: WMHS alum Greg Jbara; Robert Picardo; Hallee Hirsh; Rocco Nugent; and Film Producer and WMHS alum Sally Helppie, and Writer-Director Michael Stokes. A question and answer panel with the aforementioned guests will follow the premiere of the movie.

Michael and Sally
Michael Stokes, Director; Sally Helppie, Producer and WMHS alum

What is Champions of Wayne?

Champions of Wayne logoChampions of Wayne, a 501c3 non-profit operating at Wayne Memorial and Tinkham Alternative High Schools, is an innovative and unique educational program that involves adult mentoring, customized academic goals, and financial rewards. Champions was initiated in 2009 as a start-up program involving 50 students and a handful of mentors. Program popularity has exploded in recent years, as 550 students and 130 mentors participated this past semester.

Participation in Champions has changed the lives of many Wayne students. While students at risk of dropping out increases, the percentage of students completing 9th grade has doubled since 2009 and one WMHS grad begins at Harvard University this fall.

Whether it be purchasing a ticket to the premiere, or purchasing one of our sponsorship packages, please consider contributing to Champions of Wayne. Visit our website for more information.


Movie premiere benefits Champions of Wayne (Observer & Eccentric)

Hollywood Comes to Wayne – Midwest Premiere Of Infiltrators At Historic State Wayne Theatre (CBS – Detroit)

INFILTRATORS premiere at the Magnolia Theatre in Dallas (July 19-21, 2013)

Magnolia Screening

Magnolia TheatreINFILTRATORS will premiere at an invitation-only cocktail party and screening on Thursday, July 18, 2013, at the Magnolia Theatre in the West Village of Dallas.

Thereafter, the film will be shown at 11:15 a.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 19, 20 and 21, 2013.

Tickets to these public matinees will be available at the Magnolia box office and via the Magnolia Theatre’s online ticketing site.

Everyone is encouraged to attend. Several cast members will be in attendance.